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We are a team of professionals who are passionate about
SEO & Online Marketing

If we were to summarize SEO 365 in a few keywords, we could say that it is a complex concept made of courage, energy and people which, together, create the right context for a process of discovery in the fascinating world of online. Initially, we started as an IT company, having been present on the market since 1999. Starting with 2008, we specialized in online marketing services. We focus on the importance of online presence and on strategies that bear fruit: we increase online visibility »» website traffic »» potential client / new client »» ROI according to the established strategy.



The projects we undertake are varied, from different fields. Most of our clients are large and medium-sized companies.

About Seo 365

With us, your business becomes truly visible!

We work side by side with our partners so that their business becomes visible,
profitable and actively sought by potential customers. We focus our attention on several levels simultaneously.

Optimizare SEO 1

We are aware of the changes that are implemented in the search engine algorithms. We deal with both On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. We bring you to the top positions on Google!

Social Media Marketing a

We develop editorial plans and create authentic content that reflects your business personality. Moreover, we manage everything that means advertising in Social Media (Ads Manager).

Copywriting 1

We become your voice ????. We generate unique content for the search engine optimisation and website strategies; we develop communication in Social Media, with focus on friendly interactions with your potential clients.

web design 1

This is where everything started in December 1999. So, if necessary, we adjust or develop the design of the websites. However, we confess: most often, we do it for SEO reasons ????

About Seo 365 1

Our goal is for you to succeed!

The fact that all the strategies we implement can be quantified, and the reports we offer you on a monthly basis reflect exactly their effectiveness, motivates us daily to reach our goals. The values that guide us say a lot about SEO 365. ⤵️ 

We believe in Integrity

Keeping promises, meeting deadlines, maintaining the quality of services we offer. Unquestionably.

We believe in Authenticity

As many businesses, as many ways to be. We explore and find the uniqueness of every business. We tell it as it is.

We believe in Enthusiasm

SEO, Social Media, Marketing – these are our common interests and we handle them enthusiastically!

We believe in Technology

The services we provide simply cannot be done without being up-to-date with the latest news in the field.


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    Professional SEO Services

    Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services at national and international level!

    We have medium and large companies in our portfolio.

    At the national level, we develop projects in cities such as: Cluj-Napoca,Bucharest, Iași, Sibiu, Oradea, Timisoara, Târgu Mureș, Satu Mare, Zalău, Sighet, Bistrița, Constanța, Bacău, Craiova, Arad, etc.

    Internationally, we have partners in San Francisco, New York and Gothenburg.

    Your Business Needs To Be Visible