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What does Email Marketing mean?

Simply put, Email Marketing is an online marketing channel that provides direct communication with the audience of interest. We offer email marketing services in Romania with a focus on quality, content and profitability.

Emails, newsletters, commercial messages that reach the Inbox of your customers or potential customers belong to this form of direct marketing.

If all of these are strategically and efficiently pursuing an objective, Email Marketing becomes the method of promotion with the best ROI, with the highest profitability.

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A Good Email Marketing Strategy = Profit

People are used to be sold goods and services by email. They join online social networks to connect with friends and family, to relax. They ask Google for targeted information, when they know what they are looking for and they want more information about certain products or services.

By email, instead, they are accustomed to receiving messages from the companies they are already interested in, that is, to which they have subscribed (and we emphasize this aspect).

This explains why, when well thought out and implemented, Email Marketing has the best ROI and very good conversion rates!


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    Profitability for every $ 1 spent

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    Email Marketing for your business

    Curious and delighted. This is how your customers might feel when you show up in their Inbox. ???? Enjoy the benefits that an Email Marketing strategy can bring to your business! From the development of the database, the template, the content and the sending of newsletters, to their optimization »we take care of everything!

    Audience growth

    We help you develop a database with email addresses. How the audience is growing is crucial. Focus on: organic, qualitative, GDPR.

    Newsletter strategy

    We develop a personalized email marketing strategy for your business. We establish the content, frequency, template, recipients, etc.


    We become your voice and communicate effectively with your current and potential customers. We convey the story of your business through quality messages.

    Audience segmentation

    Your customers have varied interests and therefore react to different messages. We help you in the process of segmenting the audience on lists.


    According to studies, most emails are read on the mobile phone. We make sure that they are therefore mobile friendly.

    Periodic report

    The life of an email is only beginning when it is sent. We track statistics and adapt new email marketing campaigns.

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    Add Value to Your Customers' Inbox with Email Marketing

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      Why do Email Marketing?

      Email Marketing campaigns have known over the years ups and downs. At one time, when the new social media platforms were emerging, they seemed to have lost their impact. However, statistics currently show a reality that cannot be ignored in any serious online marketing strategy.

      A well thought out and implemented Email Marketing campaign can be one of the most profitable ways to promote your business!

      of the consumers check their mailbox daily.

      of the consumers prefer, in the case of brands, email communication.


      Contact us to find out what promotional methods fit you best!

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        Benefits of Email Marketing

        Not only are we developing effective email marketing campaigns and strategies in Romania, but we are really passionate about this communication channel. If we are to compare it with the old letters and commercial announcements sent by traditional mail, the first advantage is clear: you go directly to the recipient of the message. But there are many other benefits.

        Control of communication

        Unlike Social Media Marketing, where you depend on all the changes that take place within these platforms, when it comes to Email Marketing you have more control over the communication you develop with your audience.

        High conversion rate

        If the audience is increased according to the principles we work with, you are addressing people you have convinced and who wish to receive news from you. Therefore, the conversion rate is higher than for other channels.


        If the email marketing strategy is well developed and created in order to be automated, even at different stages or following specific objectives, the initial time and resources invested in its creation are reduced over time.

        Personalized communication

        Your audience is made up of a certain type of audience and yes, you will take into account that generic Customer Persona of your business. But people see in a different light a personalized message, which takes into account the name, geographical area or other individual criteria.
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        Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services at national and international level!

        We have medium and large companies in our portfolio.

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