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We increase your notoriety in an environment dedicated to professionals!

Not as popular as Facebook advertising or Instagram advertising services (which we also provide), LinkedIn advertising services are indispensable to any company that respects itself. The platform has become a dedicated environment and used mainly by professionals in various fields.


But to what extent would LinkedIn advertising services be useful to you? The social network is very efficient in the following cases:

  • B2B » when your target audience consists of other companies, to which you can now have access and with which you can develop quality interactions.
  • B2C »LinkedIn allows you to interact with potential business partners, representatives of certain companies or direct collaborators.

High-income consumers »if this is your target audience (even partially), promoting on LinkedIn will be really effective.

Linkedin advertising
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    A community of business people

    of the users registered on LinkedIn have decision-making power in the company they represent.

    of the users are registered on LinkedIn in Romania.

    of the consumers are more likely to purchase a product if they have already interacted with the brand on LinkedIn.

    Linkedin advertising 1

    What are the benefits of our LINKEDIN ADVERTISING services?

    We offer LinkedIn advertising services, according to an online marketing strategy that consistently integrates different methods and channels of communication. Along with our agency, you will enjoy all the benefits of a platform used intensively by professionals and reputable companies.

    Visibility in the business community

    LinkedIn is a network used primarily by business people, entrepreneurs, professionals and companies. We help you to be in the right place.

    Save time

    We fully manage your company’s activity on LinkedIn, from page creation / optimization, to showcase page development and content creation.

    Increase the reputation of your business

    LinkedIn allows you to become a leader in your field of activity, to set trends and to be present as an option for your potential collaborators.

    High conversion rate

    Although the click-through rate is lower, compared to other social networks, the conversion rate on LinkedIn is much higher!

    Content distribution channel

    LinkedIn can become the place where your business ideas are passed on to the community. We thus increase your reputation, generating quality content.

    Potential employees and business partners

    They are all on LinkedIn, and we can help you reach them, establish pleasant interactions, which can be translated into beneficial collaborations.

    Visible results

    LinkedIn is about quality, not quantity. You want connections relevant to your business, and we help you out. Of course, you get monthly reports.

    Do you want to connect to the business world on LinkedIn?

    We put you in touch with entrepreneurs and business people who will add value to your business!



    LinkedIn Advertising Services

    STEP 1.

    Initial report - current situation

    STEP 2.

    Customer Persona - target audience analysis

    STEP 3.

    Creating or optimizing the Company Page

    STEP 4.

    Creating or optimizing Showcase Pages

    STEP 5.

    LinkedIn advertising strategy

    STEP 6.

    Development of the editorial plan

    STEP 7.

    Creating the necessary content and materials

    STEP 8.

    LinkedIn Ads advertising campaigns

    STEP 9.

    Monthly report

    STEP 10.

    Optimization and adaptation of the strategy. Starting the process all over again.


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