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We believe that every business is unique, so we offer SEO services that will be tailored to your business needs and goals. We approach customized SEO strategies and, together, set priorities so that your business reaches the front page in Google search results.

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SEO Audit

We perform a complete SEO audit of the factors that currently influence the positioning of your website, offering a diagnosis and solutions.

SEO campaigns

We develop effective SEO campaigns, which will increase your online visibility and place you in the best positions on search engines.

SEO services

We use specific tools to increase website traffic and the visibility of your business at a national / international level.

Content creation

We create unique and original content or improve the relevance of the existing content to increase organic site traffic.

SEO monitoring

We constantly monitor the results of the SEO strategies, the performance and improvement indicators according to the objectives set.

SEO Training

We regularly provide training and consulting sessions, during which we present the basic concepts necessary for understanding SEO.


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    SEO 365’s Methodology - strategies and implementation

    In order to obtain the desired results, it is important that the chosen strategy is well anchored in your business needs, that it takes into account the current situation, and that the implementations are constantly monitored. It is a methodology that we follow closely here at SEO 365. We offer SEO services that therefore include, first of all, a complete SEO audit. Based on this, we jointly establish SEO promotion strategies and campaigns and implement them, always with an eye on performance indicators. We are motivated by real results, which we can quantify at any time!

    seo audit

    SEO Audit

    Complete SEO analysis, diagnosis and solution suggestions.
    SEO strategy

    SEO strategy

    Establishing clear strategies for achieving the desired goals.
    seo 3

    SEO implementation

    Practical application of the necessary strategies and steps established.
    seo 4

    SEO monitoring

    Evaluation of results and performance indicators.

    The implementation / collaboration process

    Step 1: The discovery process

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    With all the resources available that are constantly being developed for search engine optimization (SEO), it can be difficult to stay up to date and grow your business without losing the big picture. We offer personalized SEO services, implemented by a team of specialists in everything related to SEO promotion. Thus, we will develop complex solutions for your business, generating visible results and keeping a clear record of progress due to tasks that can be performed and quantified.


    The first step in our collaboration is what we call the “discovery process“. In this process, a team of SEO specialists will be appointed for you. We take the time to document and evaluate the state of your business.


    Once we understand the specific elemets of your brand, we focus on your target audience to build that Customer Persona so important to any business. Our challenge is to discover, concretely and specifically, what consumers are looking for in your field of activity, and depending on this aspect to develop SEO promotion strategies. When this process is done correctly, entrepreneurs and business owners should be able to reach their ideal audience at local, regional or even national level.

    Step 2: Competition analysis

    In order to gain a competitive advantage in the market, the next necessary step is to identify the competition and know its strengths and weaknesses. Understanding the competition is crucial, which is why this stage requires continuous analysis and we take care to include it in our SEO services package. Not only can you learn the best practices from your competitors, but you can also learn to avoid the mistakes they make.


    Our team will identify what kind of SEO promotion campaigns your competitors have and will develop our own strategies to improve the current campaigns.


    Businesses that do not turn to SEO, online marketing or SEO promotion services can still find ways to improve their ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines (albeit in the short term and to a limited extent), for certain keywords, even if the competition seems overwhelming. But the question is, how do you intend to overcome the competition and become the best?


    Our team of SEO professionals constantly monitors the competitors’ websites as part of their work strategy. Thus, we ensure that your business will always be one step ahead.

    Step 3: Keyword Research

    Keyword Research, which is researching keywords, is one of the most important, but also profitable, steps in SEO and online marketing strategies. Characteristic of this stage is the very high degree of specificity and customization. In other words, when we do Keyword Research, we focus on a single business, a single website. An effective SEO strategy should start from here, from the results obtained from the keyword research.


    Why is it important to do good Keyword Research? Choosing the best keywords not only brings you more website traffic, but also increases your conversion rate significantly. If you consider what words your potential customers use when looking for a particular product or service, you are already one step ahead of the competition.


    Moreover, choosing the right keywords makes the difference between:

    • attracting too few visitors,
    • attracting only visitors OR
    • attracting ready-to-buy customers.


    How do we choose the most appropriate keywords? There are a number of parameters that we follow as we conduct keyword research:

    • field of activity;
    • location;
    • the number of monthly searches;
    • degree of competitiveness;
    • customer persona;
    • the language used by potential customers;
    • the intention of the users;
    • the stage in the sales process they are at, etc.

    IMPORTANT »Although it is one of the first steps and a very important starting point in our collaboration, a good Keyword Research does not get stuck in the stage of identifying the keywords relevant to your business. It is not a “one time task”. On the contrary, this stage automatically involves constant SEO monitoring, adaptation to performance and results, searching for new relevant keywords, implementation of new strategies, obtaining a search volume for each keyword of interest and making traffic predictions, and so on.

    Step 4: On Page SEO

    What does On Page SEO mean? It is a practice of optimizing web pages to be better ranked and to attract more relevant traffic. Depending on your keyword strategy and whether we are considering local or national SEO, our SEO professionals will advise you on the pages of your website that need updates from this point of view (and from our own experience, we know of course most websites need constant optimization). We make sure that the search engines understand the relevant keywords for each page. In other words and simpler to say » On Page SEO = optimizing your business website.


    Unfortunately, although counterintuitive, On Page SEO is a dimension that too few take seriously, both strategically and technically, which is why many businesses never manage to become relevant online – although, perhaps, they work well in other promotional directions.


    Included in our package of SEO services, we also map all URLs that need to be updated and added to the work strategy. We check that all titles, subtitles, metadescriptions, alternate titles, tags, alternate tags, etc. are set and optimized correctly. Ideally, each page should contain unique title tags and content. Proper use of title tags can help Google rank your site higher.


    For example, H1 headings define the subject of a page for both users and search engines. If a <h1> tag is empty or missing, search engines can rank your webpage below than if this H1 existed.


    Metadata descriptions are those short texts that can be seen on Google SERPs, immediately under the title and link of the webpage (Search Engine Results Pages). These short texts describe to users what each of the pages on the site is all about. It is therefore important for them to highlight keywords that are relevant to you and your business. The message must be clear and contain that Call To Action. After implementing SEO on the web page, we will analyze the performance of the keywords to determine which pages and keywords will need careful SEO optimization.


    Once this approach is completed, we will evaluate the SEO situation each month and resolve any issues found during the audits so that the optimization is always up to date, in accordance with the latest changes to Google’s algorithm. And changes in this algorithm are constantly occurring.

    Step 5: Off Page SEO

    If On Page SEO refers to the effective optimization of your own website, what does Off Page SEO entail? The term refers to the optimization techniques that occur outside the website and that must be included in any digital SEO marketing strategy.


    During this process, our team of SEO specialists will research the keywords that are most suitable for the services offered and will produce content based on these keywords. Created content will include links that direct traffic to your website, which results in higher conversions. To put it simply: we are writing relevant SEO articles, well correlated with the keyword strategy. Not only do we write articles, but later we also distribute them for publication on various sites (please nite: not any kind of sites, but those that bring SEO value to your website and domain).


    Therefore, one of the most popular Off Page SEO techniques is building links through brand partnerships. In this process, we identify partner sites that can improve your SEO promotion campaign. It can be about partnerships with:


    • Niche-specific blogs and content curators;
    • Relevant news sites;
    • Commercial publications;
    • Online forums and communities;
    • Professional associations etc.


    Depending on the requests of certain publishers, we customize the links for each client according to the field of activity. Once these links have been created, we make sure that the links are indexed and registered by the search engines. In addition, we will monitor your page’s performance in terms of keywords.

    Step 6: Complete technical audit

    Our SEO specialists will identify and repair all the technical aspects related to your site, so that it is compliant with all the requirements of all major search engines. Audits are created through internal programs and manual navigation on the site. We’ll list the issues that need to be addressed, such as duplicate content, crawler errors, and more. Of course, we always come with efficient solutions!


    As part of the SEO package, we make sure that your site is mobile friendly and accessible to all desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone formats. We improve the loading speed of the site by cleaning up any JavaScript and CSS issues. In addition, we will discover any backlinks that are no longer working or links that adversely affect the performance of your website in the search engines. These links can be disabled or disconnected from the site. We discuss them together and offer you guidance in this regard.


    We therefore offer you a complete technical analysis, followed closely by a general cleaning! ????

    Step 7: SEO reports and monthly consultations

    The last shall be first, the saying goes. Following all the SEO promotion strategies and campaigns implemented, we make sure that this is a reality for you. From another perspective, this last step is also the first step, month by month, to ensure continuity in the efficiency of the strategies we implement.


    We work with numbers and results that are quantifiable. In addition, the way we implement campaigns is the least susceptible to fluctuations that arise from Google algorithm changes. This is because our practices are in line with the latest criteria set by the search engines, and their implementation is made cleanly and elegantly – without “shortcuts” or cheats that in the long run lead to penalties and sometimes even exclusion from search engines.


    We have monitoring programs on all platforms based on the keywords chosen in the initial strategy. We’ll generate a monthly work estimate and easy-to-follow reports that will show you growth, keyword ranking, domain value, Google Analytics data, and many, many other interesting statistics. We explain them to you and set the next objectives together. Moreover, you will meet on a monthly basis with the SEO 365 team to make sure you are kept up to date on your progress.

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      seo services

      Custom SEO services

      From selecting the right keywords to rank your business in the top, to streamlining your conversion rate with the most effective Call-to-Action messages, SEO 365 provides you with personalized SEO services, along with a team of specialists who will work strategically for your business. We analyze and identify together the profile of your business, we generate the most effective ideas and strategies for SEO promotion, we implement and constantly evaluate the results.

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        What makes an SEO campaign successful?

        SEO 365 promotion campaigns are always effective, and the results speak for themselves. What are the key elements we are always considering?

        seo strategy 1

        A strategy focused on increasing the visibility and traffic on websites organically - from search engine positioning to the authority of the field.

        seo services 1

        Passion and enthusiasm for everything that a successful online presence requires. So we have a team of SEO experts driven by common values.

        seo 2

        How the strategy is implemented. Its implementation can be challenging, but with a clear procedure, the work becomes efficient.

        Frequent questions

        How much does SEO cost?

        Each partnership is different depending on the business needs of our partners. Thus, we identify these needs together, together we establish a strategy to meet these needs and objectives, and depending on this strategy, we also establish the value of the customized package. The investment differs, therefore, depending on the complexity of the website, the market you are competing on, the business objectives, etc., and we set the value of the package according to your priorities.

        How do I know which SEO company to choose?

        Like anything else in the business environment, reputation is everything. We recommend that you keep track of company reviews and make sure these reviews are genuine. Also, make sure that the professionals in question are able to secure high positions for the search engine for their own company, depending on the keywords related to SEO specific to their field of activity. If not, what makes you think such performance would be successful for your business?

        What is the minimum contract period?

        We do not impose collaborations based on long-term contracts, regardless of the type of online marketing services in question. Our activity can be performed on a monthly basis, depending on the business needs of our partners. We are confident in the quality of our work and believe that our partners must have complete freedom when working with a service provider.

        Why does my positioning on Google fluctuate?

        There is no way to avoid fluctuations in the website ranking. These are a normal aspect of how the Google ranking algorithm works. Over time, the positioning of the various pages / articles on the website will become more uniform and you should notice that the rankings remain stronger as you continue to build links and strengthen the authority of the site.

        Will I have to do SEO forever?

        It depends on the degree of competitiveness of the field in which you are competing. Some areas allow you to lift your foot off the accelerator for 6-12 months. Other areas force you to pay constant attention to SEO, as your competitors aggressively build links and optimize weekly for new phrases, using relevant keywords. Among the competitive industries, we could mention SEO for plastic surgery, SEO for lawyers, SEO for dental services or SEO for dental clinics, SEO for the medical field, SEO for car dealerships, etc.

        How can I track SEO results?

        In addition to the monthly reports, which we will analyze together, you will have access to various evaluation forms in real time. You’ll also be able to access a custom customer control panel that allows you to log in at any time to see your keyword rankings or website traffic.

        What cities can you cover?

        Although our portfolio of clients is mainly located in Cluj County, we have established collaborations at national level. In such cases, we are careful that at the beginning of the collaboration we make the most of the meetings with our partners, so that we can then collaborate easily remotely (through mutually agreed methods: regular meetings, telephone, e-mail, video conferences, etc.). Monthly reports and regular consultations remain a constant in the case of collaborations at national level, without exception.

        How can you guarantee my results?

        We always say: we like to work with quantifiable results. We know that for many entrepreneurs, the concepts of online marketing or SEO promotion may seem too abstract. First of all, we make sure, during the first reports, that you will understand, at least on a general level, what all the data, graphs and statistics we present to you mean. Thus, you will be able to understand even yourself these graphs, the real-time situation and the progress we make. We discuss monthly the results, the differences from one month to another, the evolution of the project and the way things go. Important: we set goals together and monitor them. Therefore, the results are visible, transparent, and their guarantee comes from their constant monitoring.

        Why you and not someone else?

        What differentiates us from other online marketing agencies is certainly the fact that we offer real, visible and transparent results. We guarantee guaranteed results starting from the first 3 months! The monthly reports fully reflect not only the work we invest in your project, but also the immediate results of the strategies implemented. In addition, we invest time in helping you understand the logic behind these strategies so that you can make better decisions for your business – not just during our collaboration, but later, in the long run.

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