Online marketing, a #different sports competition

Marketingul online competiție sportivă

Online marketing, a #different sports competition

Whoever thinks that marketing and sports are not similar in any way surely has not had the opportunity to experience both. Both fields are guided by the same principles: thorough training (SEO), fierce competition (differentiation from the competition) and interaction with a dynamic community: An athlete is also a brand; after all, they also build their strategies based on the same tactics.

#SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or training and diet?

If we were to transpose the concept of Search Engine Optimization into the world of sports, we would certainly define it this way: training and diet. Just as great champions need discipline, exercise and balance, so do businesses need in order to rank on the top three places… in Google.

What’s the secret to a place on a podium? Perseverance! And when we talk about SEO, it translates into well-chosen keywords, so that a business can be noticed on the right field: You don’t give a soccer ball to a tennis player and you expect him/her to perform, don’t you? Once you have chosen the right “ball”, the secret is to use it constantly in your training. In the case of Marketing, in the content that your brand provides.

In order to achieve performance in SEO, but also in sports, consistent training is therefore recommended!

#Play fair, but play smart!

When talking about online visibility, Marketing specialists often compare it to a competition in which the most important thing is to know your opponents. The more you explore the strategies that those around you have applied over time, the better you will be able to anticipate their next moves.

In Marketing, as in sports, competition can hinder you or help you learn from their mistakes. I was talking above about consistency and investing in training. Well, many businesses forget about this and neglect either the updating of the website, or the Search Engine Optimization stage, or the use of social channels.

How can you stay one step ahead of the competition? Make decisions on time! Invest in SEO to get quality long-term traffic, work on creating a UX up to current standards and interact constantly to create a real community around your brand.

#The coach defines you, choose him carefully!

Just like in sports, in Marketing the coach is the one who makes the difference. He is the one who analyzes and discovers the true potential, the one who draws strategic directions and guides you on your path to victory. If you have a business, choose the agency you work with according to the same criteria according to which you would choose your coach: check what results they have had so far and analyze to what extent the strategy they propose suits you.

SEO 365 is a team of specialists who can successfully run for the role of coach. With over 20 years of online experience, we have constantly guided our customers on their path to the title of “successful business”. If you need customized strategies for your business, our specialists offer you free consulting sessions during this period.

Who knows? Maybe you’ve just found your online marketing coach!