The Importance of Social Media in SEO

Social Media in SEO

The Importance of Social Media in SEO

Recent studies have shown that the time a person spends on Social Media is on average 2 hours and 22 minutes a day. From year to year, this time is growing constantly, the internet already becoming a necessity of our days.

A person’s life expectancy is on average 72 years, and according to studies from 2020, a person would spend 6 years and 8 months on social networks (in a lifetime), given that the person discovers the online environment at the age of 10.

Social Media in SEO

Time spent on social networks throughout life

In 2020, Social Media is one of the major ways we stay connected to each other. With the help of social networks, users can primarily communicate with each other, and a business can promote itself and maintain a permanent connection with the customers, no matter where theyare, at extremely low costs.

What is the importance of Social Media in SEO?

The importance of Social Media in SEO is not to be neglected at all. It is a real necessity and a great advantage for a company to be present on social networks, especially nowadays, when more than half of the world’s population uses Social Media. Let’s not forget that the biggest companies are present on both Facebook and Instagram. This does not mean that we focus only on Social Media and do not give too much importance to SEO. The two must go hand in hand in order to have the desired results.

Red C Marketing published a report based on eye tracking, with a sample of 400 searches. According to this report, “82% of consumers will choose a brand they are already familiar with, regardless of its position in Google.”

Although the most traffic on a web page comes through SEO, and organic has a higher conversion rate on sales than Social Media (on posts), social networks have a very high value in SEO.

Social Media in SEO

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“If through different sources we have a certain traffic on the site, through Social Media we can retarget and address the public that has already visited us, through a remarketing program. Thus, the  program is the best result that Social Media for SEO can bring. ” – Attila Kiraly, Founder of SEO 365

A few years ago, links from social networks were not taken into account when ranking web pages in search engines, but the algorithms show a radical change in this regard. Thus, the like and share have a great influence in SEO today.

Every step taken to improve Social Media Marketing must be perfectly aligned with the SEO strategy.

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Effective practices for Social Media & SEO

  • Post high quality content

Posts must be attractive and bring value to the target audience, because they will bring traffic to the site as well. Try to understand what the target audience is looking for (what are its values, principles and what best defines it), arouse curiosity, interact and let creativity fly at the highest levels. People will always be attracted to what is different. Choose to be #different!

  • Encourage the distribution of posts so that the message reaches as many people as possible

Well, you’re probably wondering how you can do that. Easy! You don’t have to put in too much effort, you just have to have original, creative posts and be careful how and what you transmit. With quality content, the world will surely notice you → visibility.

  • Optimize your social profiles

The optimization of profiles on social networks must be consistent with the web page. If you do this, you’ll be able to open multiple loopholes so you can dominate your Google results pages.

  • Optimize images on both SEO and social networks

Choose your images carefully because they have a strong impact. If they are optimized, then they can help you drive traffic to your website.

On social networks, it is important to use images in the right format, images that are attractive to your followers.

For the SEO part, make sure you optimize the images for the search – both in terms of the file name and Alt Text fields and image description.

  • Build and maintain a relationship with the target audience

Communication is the key word that makes and maintains the connection between the business and the target audience. Through communication you will understand the needs, requirements, or the dissatisfaction of the target audience, so your business can improve and become better and better.

Thanks to social networks, communication can be done in an extremely easy way.

  • Measures the results obtained on social networks & SEO

Follow and analyze all the results of actions performed both on social networks and in the SEO process. You will be able to see what works and what doesn’t, so the focus will be on the things that work best.


If there are constant, high-quality, original and authentic posts on the Facebook and Instagram pages, the chances that they will generate traffic on the web page are very high. In addition to this important advantage, social networks help create a brand identity. There will also be a close connection with the target audience, because we can stimulate interaction with them. And last but not least, another important advantage is the popularization of the brand among the target audience.

If you want your business to be in the top of Google results and be visible in the most creative way possible on social networks, let’s meet and talk about it.