We are 1000 friends. What does the future hold for SEO 365?

the future for SEO

Today we are celebrating! How do we see the future for SEO 365?

We are 1000 friends! How do we see and plan for the future of SEO 365 and this emerging community? Here are some ideas for you, from the comfort of our homes, each with the improvised slice of “cake” and your favorite music in the background. ????

We have anticipated this moment since we started our activity on social networks more seriously. Reaching 1000 likes on the Facebook page is not a very high threshold in general. But we know from the experience of the projects we have dealt with previously that it is an important one. A really high threshold would be, for example, 130,000 page views! It is a threshold that Cluj.com is approaching – one of the oldest and most successful projects we have been dealing with since 2013. However, each field of activity comes with its own challenges and specifics.

We have learned over the years that celebrating success is in itself a stage of the development strategy. Tip: do not skip such moments, because they have the gift of generating a new wave of energy, creativity and enthusiasm for everyone involved!

What does the future hold for SEO 365?

the future for seo 365Although we have been developing web design projects, online marketing strategies and Search Engine Optimization for years, we have only recently taken this step: from behind the cameras, in front of them. In fact, many online marketers have gone through a similar process. They went from people who work “in the shadows”, about whose activity not much was known, to well-structured teams, whose role becomes more and more obvious in the proper development of a business. So what do we plan for the next period?

  • The development of the services we offer. We will soon announce two new services that we will make available to our current and future partners. Hint: a creative service, and a technical one.
  • International Development »SEO 365 is an online marketing agency that works successfully at an international level. The Romanian team, based in Cluj-Napoca, is already dealing with projects at national and European level. At the same time, the good news is that we have colleagues overseas! The team is based in New York, right on Broadway, and deals with projects in the United States and Canada. We are therefore well connected to everything that happens on the international market. We will keep you posted! ????
  • Community growth on social networks. We hope to celebrate together with a community of 2000 friends soon! Don’t forget that we are also present on Instagram: @ seo_365.
  • Newsletter for those interested in the fascinating world of Online Marketing. We want to share with you important information, news, trends and short introductory guides for this vast, expansive and extremely dynamic field. At the moment, you can always follow us on Blog SEO 365, but we are thinking of a friendlier and handier form for those who want to get acquainted with everything that means online marketing strategies at the moment.
  • Behind the scenes »We will return with several interviews with our specialists and those in related fields, with relevant case studies, with solutions to the problems you encounter either as an entrepreneur or as a marketer. If you have any questions, you can send them to us by e-mail and we will try to come up with answers.
  • More interactive content & free resources »We are working on some ideas, we are preparing to come up with more interactive content, in a different type of format, but also with various types of resources, which will be made available to you for free, to help you grow your business.
  • To know each other better! »The future for SEO 365, as we see it, is closely linked to the community of entrepreneurs as well as people passionate about online marketing. We have plans in this direction as well. We take them one at a time. ????

Our specialists continue, of course, to provide FREE CONSULTATION for entrepreneurs in the future. To register, just fill out the form here: seo365.ro/en/get-a-free-quote.