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Does your company need an effective online marketing strategy and SEO ? We offer you complete services! From search engine optimization and Google Ads management, to Social Media Marketing or Email Marketing. We help you to become truly visible and active in the online environment!

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We offer Search Engine Optimization services according to the search engine algorithms. On Page and Off Page SEO, SEO Audit and consulting. Your business becomes visible!

Google Ads | AdWords

We create and manage ads on Google Ads (formerly AdWords), in line with your overall online marketing strategy, in order to generate website traffic and sales.

Social Media Marketing

We manage your business accounts on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn): content creation, editorial plan, advertising (Ads).

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What happens to all those people who, at least once, have already interacted or expressed an interest in your brand or company? We take care of them! ????

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We develop for you a database, we create a strategy for newsletters and we help you communicate effectively with your potential or current customers. It's the channel with the best ROI!

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In addition to the monthly report on the evolution and the results obtained, we offer you and your team training and consulting. You will also be able to make smart business decisions in the future!

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    Online marketing

    Together with an experienced online marketing agency

    We build your presence in the online environment in a smart and efficient manner.


    We specialize in SEO and, most of the times, we prefer (not exclusively, however) the projects that allow us to start the work here – from search engine optimization.


    In all the other online marketing methods and techniques we develop, as an online marketing agency, we will take into account the established business goals and objectives.

    Why Hire Us?

    Top 5 Digital Agency Must-Haves

    We believe that any online marketing strategy, which aims to be effective, not only needs to be developed on multiple pillars, but must have meaning and continuity as a whole.

    • We have consistent and effective online marketing strategies.
    • We use online marketing strategies that complement each other effectively.
    • We manage the presence of your business in the online environment.
    • We identify the most suitable channels of communication with your potential clients »a very important aspect!
    • We build experiences for the brand consumer that reflect the values of your business.
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    Your business can be a real customer generator! ????

    A real adventure awaits us. We like challenges. Do you?

    One mistake that many people make when it comes to online marketing is
    to associate this concept strictly with the idea of promotion.The promotion should be included in any online marketing strategies, indeed.But the latter is a sum of techniques, tools and methods we use to promote certain services or products in the online environment. 


    Together, we can decide which online marketing channel you need. 

    So, a challenge-filled adventure awaits us, followed by the satisfaction of meeting the set goals! ????

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    Online marketing 4

    We establish the online marketing channel that suits you best!

    So how do you decide which channel is right for you? Because in certain stages of development of the company and your business, the emphasis is placed on certain online marketing methods and channels. Finally, we think all of them are useful. However, it is good to decide which are the priorities. In the SEO 365 team, as a digital marketing agency, we have specialists in various fields. They will help you decide what is right for you.

    SEO specialists and project managers

    Social Media Marketing specialists

    Google Ads & Remarketing Specialists

    Email Marketing Specialists

    Content Writers & Copywriters

    Web Design Specialists and Graphic Designers


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      Professional SEO Services

      Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services at national and international level!

      We have medium and large companies in our portfolio.

      At the national level, we develop projects in cities such as: Cluj-Napoca, București, Iași, Sibiu, Oradea, Timișoara, Târgu Mureș, Satu Mare, Zalău, Sighet, Bistrița, Constanța, Bacău, Craiova, Arad etc.

      Internationally, we have partners in San Francisco, New York and Gothenburg.

      Your Business Needs To Be Visible