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Do you want a website that would represent you?

What information do your potential customers find about your company? How is it presented and in what way does it reflect your business objectives? Your company’s website should represent you, be attractive to users, but also drive growth of conversion rates. We offer you full Web Design services, depending on your needs and the type of services you provide.

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Dezvoltăm pagina de prezentare a afacerii tale, cu un design modern și interactiv, care să te reprezinte în totalitate.

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Dacă deții deja un website și dorești să îl revitalizezi, poți să optezi pentru serviciile noastre de redesign!

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Dacă deții deja un website și dorești să îl revitalizezi, poți să optezi pentru serviciile noastre de redesign!


Do you want an inspiring and User-Friendly website?

With over 20 years’ experience in the field, we offer FULL Web Design services! Currently, consumers and your potential customers make purchasing decisions based on what they find in the online environment. All of the Web Design projects we develop are mobile responsive, ready for search engine optimization and in line with your business’s online marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

We design your site so that it is SEO ready!


We tell the story of your company in an attractive manner!

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How do you want your future website to be?

We believe that a website should be treated exactly as the headquarters of your company. Are you ready to talk about how you want your new online headquarters to be? ????

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We offer Web Design services in a multidisciplinary manner.

We think long term and strategically, so our Web Design services do not overlook other essential aspects of business life. Your website may be the most effective business tool or it may be useless – if not attractive and visible. Why work with us, then?

We have experience: Web Design since 1999

We know it sounds cliché, but experience really recommends us: we have been developing Web Design & SEO projects since 1999. We are proud of the results achieved over time. And we can present them during our first meeting.

Multidisciplinary team: SEO, Copywriting, Social Media

The life of a website only begins when it becomes visible in the online environment. We develop Web Design projects with a team of professionals who consider aspects related to SEO, effective copywriting, subsequent visibility in Social Media and other online marketing strategies specific to your company.

Modern, interactive, secure

The user experience (UX) is becoming increasingly important, so we make sure that your website makes a good first impression, and then that it is interactive, fast and aesthetically pleasing enough for ordinary users to become customers. At the same time, all the necessary security measures are implemented on the site.

Responsive Web Design

Did you know that over 60% of Internet users visit sites on their mobile devices? This aspect can no longer be ignored in today’s reality. All the sites we develop have a responsive design, being easily accessed by users on their mobile phones, tablets or desktops.

Your company needs a proper "online headquarters".

Just like the headquarters of your company reflect the interest you pay to your business, but also to customers and employees, a website represents you in a similar way. Who are you, what services do you offer, what values does your company have and, especially, what solutions can you offer to those who visit you? All this information must be presented in an attractive way for both Internet users and… search engines.


Our team of specialists in Web Design will develop your website so that it meets aesthetic, interactive and creative criteria, but also technical, marketing and SEO optimization criteria!

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"How do I manage and update my site?"

It is probably one of the most frequent worries, but also a real problem we have encountered among companies and entrepreneurs. Ok, now we have a functional and modern website. How do we keep it alive and updated?


We work on a platform that is very easy to manage, easy to learn and easy to use, with tens of thousands of extension modules, versatile and easy to secure. But we are at your disposal with maintenance services: we make changes on the site and the necessary content updates. We establish together the personalized services your business needs!


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    A web site design that turns your visitors into customers

    A web site design is meant to connect you with your potential customers. It is the space where they can find information about you: what type of business you have, what special offers you prepare, what differentiates you from the competition, what values guide you and, especially, how you come to meet their needs. Important: Although it is the home page of your business, it is created for visitors, with two goals in mind:

    Conversion rate

    The main purpose of a website is to increase the conversion rate!

    The story of the business

    Help your potential customers get to know you better and provide them with solutions to their needs.

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    Complete services for creating a web site

    We are developing a website with a responsive design and one that is very well optimized for search engines. At the same time, we make sure that it meets the marketing objectives. We provide complete services:

    Customised & interactive design

    We develop web projects that take into account a number of technical functionalities, with a responsive design (easy to use on mobile devices), modern and interactive, which reflects the personality and image of the brand.

    Copywriting and content creation

    The webpage of a company does not reach its goals without proper content. Our team of copywriting and content creation specialists ensures that the story of your business reaches visitors effectively. A classic presentation site will have at least 5 main sections. We are at your service for their development!

    Search Engine Optimization

    Both texts and images, as well as other content elements, will be prepared and optimized for search engines. A website cannot reach its purpose if it is not visible in the online environment. We provide complete Search Engine Optimization services, both On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

    Training and consulting

    We know that it may seem complicated, and for people who consider themselves to be “non-technical” – even overwhelming, but we are by your side throughout our collaboration. We offer training and consulting sessions to facilitate your direct experience with your own website.

    Do you want a website that would represent you?

    Contact us and we will give you free advice! It is important that the services you receive are customized to your business needs.


    A web site should not remain static

    Although the basic content may probably remain unchanged for longer periods of time, the web site of your company should be constantly updated. It should be dynamic, alive. It could provide solutions and answers for users, causing them to come back to you again and again.


    The life of a we bsite should really start only after its launch. This can be one of the most useful tools in the online marketing strategy, and around it, we can help you create real communities on online social networks!

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    How do you want to introduce yourself in the online environment?

    To develop a web site, whether we are talking about creating it from scratch, or talking about redesigning and updating it, it requires a good knowledge of the market, of potential customers, as well as of the business itself. We provide complete Web Design services as well as all related services needed to help you get your message across!


    We have been developing Web Design projects since 1999 - so experience recommends us! SEO 365’s specialists help you to present yourself in the online environment as you wish!


    Do you already have a WEB SITE and want to update its look? We offer you redesign services, including essential services related to optimization and content.


    If you have products that you can market in the online environment, in an online shop, we are at your service with Search Engine Optimization services, web design, content creation, etc.

    Do you need a Website?

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      Website redesign

      Do you want to revitalize your business?

      Our website redesign services ensure enhanced functionality, a much more enjoyable user experience, as well as a visual appearance that reflects your company’s personality, while also being in tune with the latest trends in Web Design.

      A website is the best business card for an online business. It talks about you, about the values of the company, about the way in which you relate to the customer. More than content and information, your business website should help you reach your real-time marketing goals.


      We offer your visitors exactly what they are looking for!

      Undoubtedly, we live in a visual world. The way you present information about your services, their accessibility and how visually attractive you manage to make them are key factors in increasing the conversion rate, regardless of the area in which you operate. Our website redesign services take into account all these aspects

      If you want a more modern, more aesthetic and creative site with a responsive design and, of course, in accordance with the search engine optimization principles, do not hesitate! We offer complete services of Web Site Design, Site ReDesign, Copywriting and Search Engine Optimization.

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      Give your company a new look!

      Contact us for a FREE consultation!

      Our team of specialists in Web Design & SEO gives you an initial report on the current situation of your website. The information and design elements need to be in line with your online marketing goals – an aspect that is often overlooked.

      Therefore, we do not recommend just any redesign, but a strategic and intelligent one. strategic și inteligent.

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      What are the benefits of opting for website redesign?

      There are numerous benefits that a fresh website design brings to your company. Of these, we would like to mention only a few:

      Modern and pleasant redesign

      We make sure that the first impression and user experience with your business will turn them into customers or collaborators.


      Over 60% of users visit your site on mobile devices. In addition, if it is not responsive, Google disadvantages it.

      Search Engine Optimized Redesign

      Not only do we improve the visual appearance of the site, but we make sure its structure leaves it ready for Search Engine Optimization.


      The interventions we bring to the site are in line with the online marketing strategy and the business objectives.


      We help you tell the story of your company differently, with a new design!

      A company’s marketing goals are changing. The market is evolving. Technologies develop, and users interact with brands differently. We help you keep up with all these aspects. We help you convey the story of your company in an original and authentic way, with the help of a new design.

      But the story does not end here. Your interaction with potential customers becomes complete when you are present in their social life in a natural way. This is where our specialists in Social Media Marketing come in.

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      Do you want your website to be transformed?

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        Quick results and new customers in no time!

        Image matters. As well as functionality, accessibility and all the technical settings that bring your site to the top positions on the search engines. Why opt for redesign?

        Purchase decision

        About 89% of consumers look for information on the Internet when making purchasing decisions. Is your site ready to get their attention and give them answers?

        Online visit »Interaction

        Approx. 72% of those who looked for a local service, subsequently visited the shop or the company headquarters. Receive your customers the right way from the online environment!

        Responsive Redesign

        Globally, over 60% of Internet users use mobile devices when they are looking for the services or products they need. Is your site mobile friendly?

        Information is found online

        Over 43% of consumers are used to getting information about products / services online while they are in a store. Does your website represent you?


        We offer complete ReDesign services

        If you have a website and you want to refresh and revitalize your image, our website redesign services will cover your needs. What happens if you don’t have a website yet? Or if … the dust settled on it, especially from a technical point of view? Be worry-free: we are ready to bring it to life!


        For us, everything started here in December 1999. So, we are ready to adjust or develop the design of your site. However, we recognize: most often, we do it for SEO reasons. ????


        Your company needs a home page that tells potential clients what services you offer, what your values are and how you can be useful. And we know how to develop it.


        Does your activity involve selling products in an online store? We take the administrative worries: we place the products on ``shelves`` in an attractive and accessible way for customers. ????


        Contact us to set up an appointment!

          Professional SEO Services

          Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services at national and international level!

          We have medium and large companies in our portfolio.

          At the national level, we develop projects in cities such as: Cluj-Napoca, București, Iași, Sibiu, Oradea, Timișoara, Târgu Mureș, Satu Mare, Zalău, Sighet, Bistrița, Constanța, Bacău, Craiova, Arad etc.

          Internationally, we have partners in San Francisco, New York and Gothenburg.

          Your Business Needs To Be Visible